Exam stress… now they’re finished, what happens?

At some point in our lives, we all have to go through exam stress and exams. Whether taking them in your younger years or as a mature student, many of us have negative feelings toward them. Believing we will fail them or that we are no good at them, but this is often due to unintended preconditioning by other people.

The brain is very good at learning negatives but thankfully we can actually retrain the brain and make this work to our advantage instead of against us.

Supporting them through

If your teen has not quite finished their exams, here are a few things you can do to help them get through it.

  • Rest. Encourage your child to take a break from revision. Helps to clear their mind so they can come back to it feeling refreshed.
  • Get outside. Being trapped inside when they’re studying for exams, remind them to get outside for some fresh air! This will have a positive impact on their mental health.
  • Get enough sleep. Trying to cram lots of revision in as exam day draws near can mean they neglect their sleep. This can be detrimental to revising and general well-being.
  • Exercise. Get that heart rate up, to increase the oxygen supply to the brain, just prior to the exam. Run to the exam. Do some star jumps. Whatever it takes to get your heart beating faster. Oxygen will help fuel your brain to answer the questions well.


Results – Then what?

Waiting on exam results and their implications for the future gives many of us a chance to think about what to do next. What if the results aren’t as expected? Searching for alternative routes to their next step brings positive action from what may be disappointing news.

They need to make big life decisions. For many, this will cause feelings of anxiety, panic attacks and stress. It doesn’t have to be so overwhelming though, there are ways to manage the stress and have a positive outlook.

How you can help your Teen

Recognising the signs of stress and anxiety in your teen is key to being able to help them manage it. Be available for them and let them know you are there for them to help. Resist nagging about revision and exams, listen to their concerns.

Once the exams are over and the waiting for results begins. It might be beneficial to help them to look for part-time work or focus on their growing interests. Bear in mind that this is probably their last opportunity to act like a kid though so don’t deny them those moments either!

It might be a good idea to learn how the brain works so you have a better understanding of how your teen is feeling and how it affects their emotions. You might notice a change in behaviour- regardless of exam stress teens are going through huge changes both physically and mentally and this of course manifests in changed behaviours.

Being informed gives you the right tools to support them

teen-in-room-isolated-on-phoneUnderstanding these changes and helping them to make the best choices is really important. It may seem like your teen is being lazy when they stay in bed until midday but in reality, this is quite normal behaviour and actually necessary for your teen to grow and develop.

However, if you notice them becoming isolated, not eating and generally not taking care of themselves then, this may be a warning sign that they are not coping and may need help. Here’s where Hypnotherapy can be beneficial and help your teen be the best version of themselves.

If you are worried about your teen’s anxiety – pre- or post-exams – and would like to know more about how Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy might benefit them then please do get in touch.

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