Focus on Phobias and Fears

When we behave in one way often enough due to phobias or fears, it becomes our default course of action we believe the lies our brain tricks us into believing. We then get into a downward spiral of negative thinking and lack of self-belief.

There will be no ladders, eight legged critters, slitherers or anything else like that on this page! Phobias and fears are often brought about by trivial experiences that our primitive mind exaggerates and with some combined help from the Amygdala, hippocampus and hypothalamus (parts of the primitive brain) we find ourselves believing that we are in danger and need to take evasive action. 

The dentist is a good example. We all need to have good dental hygiene and that includes regular check ups to avoid tooth ache, the very thing that hurts and we want to avoid. But the brain makes us believe that the dentist causes pain rather than take it away, so instead of embracing regular visits we avoid them and end up in pain. Our brain then says see dentist equals pain.

But what is that fear or phobia stopping us from doing? Venturing out of the house? (soon becomes agoraphobia) Is it knocking our confidence so we can’t speak out clearly and confidently and contributing to, missing job opportunities, potential relationships and generally going out and interacting with the world? 

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Improve your negative thinking and lack of self belief to conquer fears and phobias through solution focused Hypnotherapy in Peterborough.

What are phobia's?

I offer the first meeting at a greatly reduced rate but not without charge for several reasons. Most importantly it is important that you feel comfortable talking with me. ​ I also need to understand a little about your fear, phobia or negativity. It is essential that you feel relaxed in my company for the process to work. I charge because unless you feel invested in the process from the onset, you are unlikely to get the best results from the therapy. You can find out more about how I am focused on helping you. 

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