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Teenagers are vulnerable to so many stresses when their brains are least equipped. Their first relationships, peer pressure, academic performance, sport performance, interactions with family, teachers and first employers.

Mindfulness is a way to live by being consciously in control of your thoughts and always forcing the positive route but most of us are so strongly seated in our primitive and negative minds by conditioning ‘I can’t’, ‘You can’t do that’, ‘I am no good at that’,’ that’s impossible’ that we are not able to practice it effectively. 

• What if you could? 
• What if I’m possible? 

This is where hypnotherapy helps you to overcome that little negative voice in your mind that is being over protective.       

How can I help?

Let's talk about Frank...

For teenagers there is so much out there that they are learning to deal with yet their brains are still not fully developed in the intellectual decision making department. They still operate from an emotional and feel good perspective. This can lead to all sorts of bad decisions that lead them into trouble, depression, anxiety and anger issues.

When we work from the positive part of our brain we make sound decisions and helping teenagers to do this is something very close to my heart. We interact in a positive way, we act in a positive way and we think in a positive way and this positivity breeds perceived positivity by releasing the right happy hormones in our brains and we become happy.

So who's Frank?

S​o Frank (hypothetical character) is 14, he has to decide now what subjects are going to give him the bet chance at doing what he wants to do for a job; he has his first girl friend; he is having to start thinking about how to get himself from a to b on his own without parent taxi; he has to schedule his work load around his evening clubs and sports teams that he belongs to; Mum and Dad are always going on at him to tidy up behind him; Parents and teachers are telling him he is lazy and needs to work harder… then his most favourite pet dies, he does badly in his school tests and his girlfriend unable to deal with his sadness dumps him, she didn’t want to be with a sad boy...

How does he cope?

Well there are many ways including Hypnotherapy but here at Greenacres Health, we are keen to help Frank, his parents and many like them.

We previously ran a regular Teenager and Parent evening class where parents and Teens learned how the brain works, why it is important to operate from the positive / intellectual part of the brain, learn some coping strategies, some life skills and a few safeguarding things too and sample some relaxation general hypnotherapy in a relaxed small group environment where parents can talk to each other, teens can see that they are not alone and no one is under pressure to talk about anything from their past. COVID put pay to face to face groups. It is possible to run these on line via video links but will be scheduled by demand. 

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