The cause of many aches and pains is, more often than not, a form of inflammation. There are several causes for inflammation, but a low-level infection can be one. The CRP test gives a snapshot as to whether this or possibly something else is the case and might require further investigation.

Inflammation can show up in many disguises from tummy upsets, headaches, and generalised joint and muscle pain to name a few. Other causes of inflammation can be trauma or certain disease processes. However these will all throw up a marker in your blood that may need further tests from your GP to precisely diagnose. 

Some symptoms I see regularly in chiropractic clinic might include achey joints, swollen joints, flare ups of sore dry skin (eg eczema, psoriasis), unaccounted for tummy upset or abdominal pains, stinging on urination (probably a urinary tract infection).

Chiropractic won't cure these symptoms but I am often a first point of call for joining the dots to realise that a patient needs further intervention from a GP.

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