Confidence and performance are intrinsically linked. Feeling confident can enhance your performance in all walks of life. 

Public speaking is akin to a theatrical performance for example. When you get into character, your persona change. There are many techniques used within commerce and education but polishing the content and delivery are down to you.

When you believe that you can, you will. So, to quote Henry Ford:
'If you think you can, you will, and if you think you can't, you will'

Hypnotherapy can be the difference in your confidence, delivery and being asked to come back.

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Let's take a look the All Blacks.

The All Blacks were failing until one of the team decided that they had to turn it around and that it would start with a change in attitude. It took them a couple of seasons but they are now almost unbeatable having a more than 75% success rate across 130 plus years.

Their mantra is ‘Better people, make better all b lacks’ .

For a long while this was their advantage. What might you achieve by being the best version of you that you could possibly imagine?

Job Interview

Interviews are often just as, if not more of a ‘big thing’ than giving a talk. After all, there is so much riding on a job in the background. Livelihood, lifestyle and supporting a family can often ride on the success of a job interview so, is it any wonder that we get stressed out. The trouble is that we can’t help but enhance the importance and consequence of being unsuccessful. What we need to do is harness the power of our minds and turn the worst-case scenario into the best to achieve success. Easier said than done I hear you say, well not with Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. 


Performance is not just to do with training. You can never do away with the commitment to physical training. You may already be succeeding in your field and being successful but there may also be younger or stronger competitors coming up the ranks behind you. You may sustain an injury that knocks your confidence. It may just be that you feel there is a block to your reaching that next goal.

These events will inevitably become your focus and actively work towards you not being able to get back to fitness level or improve. Removing these blocks and focussing on the ’Perfect Performance’ with hypnotherapy is a resounding way to achieve your full potential. Working with individuals and teams I have seen outstanding results for example a young athlete progressing to represent her country and a young tri-converter at a local club getting an over 90% conversion rate.

What ever your sport I will work with you to intertwine your mental attitude around the technicalities of your chosen sport. 

Other Areas we can help

Making friends

There are many occasions in our lives that we find ourselves needing to make new friends. Maybe we have moved area or schools.

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Feeling sad

Feeling sad is a very natural thing in response to a sad event. Life happens and sad things happen.



Anger is often a default response to stress. I use characters to explain how different parts of the brain interact negatively to ensure our survival. 

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