Back Pain

Back pain can manifest in many ways. Low back pain, can cause referred pain and dysfunction to the legs but also the groin, buttocks and abdomen. We feel pain when the nerve pathways are interfered with due to inflammation, compression, impingement or disease processes. 

Identifying the cause helps to provide the correct approach to solving the problem. If you suffer with sudden sharp, shooting, hot pain in the back which may radiate and produce weakness or pain somewhere else, never apply heat  without first consulting an appropriate professional. 

This might be a disc problem and heat will only make things worse, if not immediately then in the longer term. Ice (cryotherapy) by far is a safer mode of pain relief.

Wrap an ice pack (improvise from your freezer) in a tea towel and place on the affected area of the back for a maximum of 10 minutes, remove for 10 minutes and repeat 3 times

So in 1 hour you have had 30 minutes of ice and 30 minutes without. 

This is more effective than a straight 30 minutes of ice. 

Heat has its place in pain relief particularly in dealing with muscle strains. Chiropractors’ training ensures that they are specialised in identifying and treating the underlying cause of pain, thus making chiropractic an effective and in many cases a lasting and cost effective approach. Back problems can cause immobility and have a considerably negative impact on our life style. 

Chiropractic treatment can be very effective in restoring mobility and reducing pain, especially in chronic back pain problems.

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