How can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help you?

Why would you knowingly keep triggering chemicals in your body, or behaviours that in turn promote primitive, survival responses, that enhance stress? This in turn can be responsible for cortisol release which in the long term can lead to diabetes and other illness. Or run perpetually on adrenaline which makes us always worried about things (after all we don’t have to worry that we are not now top of the food chain – Polar bears and Sabre tooth Tigers are not common in life these days). Continue with habits that do us no good like smoking, nail biting, behaving in an angry way, running from spiders and so on. 

The list is endless and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has many of the answers to being able to change these behaviours and chemical responses. 

What happens?

Clinical Hypnotherapy (of which Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is a form) is not about making you do things to make you a laughing stock. You won’t put your underwear over your trousers, kiss strangers out of context or start clucking like a chicken. It is all about giving you  back control of your mind in a positive way by doing some ‘brain gym’ whilst you are fully relaxed. Trance is similar to drifting off to sleep at night, that stage between awake and asleep, you may feel a sense of weightlessness or you may feel heaviness as all your muscles relax. One thing is for sure you remain in control and can get up at any point, should you choose. 

There are very few people that hypnotherapy can’t help. From the age of 8 upwards. People with certain psychological issues, already under a physician should check their suitability with their doctor or consultant.

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Post Materialistic Psychotherapy (Formerly known as Sanomentology)

This style of therapy has been described in many ways, as the big brother to hypnotherapy, the all-encompassing therapy for perceived problems, the key to a brighter future, the resolution to overwhelm and imposter syndrome, and much more.

This style of talking therapy uses the power of the dreams and follows the principles of 'lucid dreaming.' 

First and foremost it quietens your mind allowing space for you to explore your inner mind allowing you to identify and resolve day-to-day stress. These stresses can build a wall between you and the issue that is holding you back.

It then allows you to make room for healing to take place. 

The process is very similar to hypnotherapy but there is no music in the background and you remain in constant communication with the therapist responding to their questions. You the client are always in control, you will make your own decisions both there and then and also for your future.

It is exceptionally good at resolving issues from your past that you may not even have registered as problems in your conscious thinking. It's hypnotherapy but better.

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Other support we offer

Focus on Stress

Stress and anxiety can take many forms and in many ways very similar and may end up ruling our lives unnecessarily. Often it feels like we have no control, but we do. We can take control of our responses.

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Focus on Confidence

Do you feel held back? Suffer with stage fright? Get blocks when you give a presentation at work or compete in a sport?

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Focus on Self Care

Hypnotherapy for self care is not just for those who are already suffering mentally. It can actually enhance an already ok life. 

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