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If we have the inner strength to stand firm; but not confrontational, supportive; but not smothering, then the chances are our unrecognisable Sons and Daughters will become wonderful adults. Here at Greenacres Health I provide help for parents to support you understand, and cope with your emotions around the changes they are going through.

The Teen brain is going through a huge change. New Neurones are developing that create a surge in the number of potential pathway outcomes and this contributes to the confusion described above. Guiding your teen to make the best connections possible, making a proper and considered assessment of the situation first, before acting, is how solution focused hypnotherapy can help. 

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Addressing concerns

Sometimes as parents we notice changes in our Teens as they grow up from being our little cherubs. They get trapped either as a child in an adult’s body, or an adult in a child’s body - often swinging from one to the other as puberty kicks in. We give reasons and excuses and sometimes miss the changes that are rooted in negative life experiences. Changing these back is easiest achieved before problems are practiced and repeated and become embedded as patterns.

Remember, they are often powerless to control certain aspects of their lives such as parents moving or divorcing. Things that as adults we take for granted such as what we say, eat or do and when. 

Research implies that chronic stress and various illnesses that accompany it, are directly related to how much control an individual has, or feels they have, over their day to day situation. It’s also worth noting, that when a child or Teen is ‘told’ to do something, they perceive this as a threat and it can cause stress and anxiety in them and often aggression follows. 

With solution focused hypnotherapy their concerns may be addressed without them having to divulge what worries them. They can attend one of the group sessions and feel that they are not alone in their worries. Although if they have a particular issue, then may be a 1:1 session would suit them better. They may or may not tell me exactly what is worrying them but after the first session I can keep them focused on the positives and the future.

Should they divulge anything of concern then I will share this with you or the appropriate authority but otherwise, the sessions are highly confidential.

Teens rules the roost

Teens seem to operate on a different resonance to adults and that is true in many ways. If we go back to primitive days, the teens and 20s would be the hunter gatherers, sleeping after they hunt in the dark or twilight and getting up in the middle of the day. This changes with age, as does the human need for less or more sleep. 

When a teen is up late and sleeping long into the day they are not doing this to be a pain, it is natures’ way. The additional sleep is needed to allow them to grow, replenish and make sense of their experiences. This can feel that they are ruling the roost, treating the home like a hotel…etc. This is normal if the Teen is socialising and displaying no evidence of self harm, introversion and illegal or immoral activity. Of course, this is the time that they become interested in sex and relationships and this is a minefield of possibilities, of upset and disappointment. 

Knock-backs that lead to depression and melancholic tendencies can be of great concern to parents. Withdrawal from their social group, disinterest in food, poor hygiene are just a few signs that things may not be okay. Sometimes the Teen doesn’t even know why so asking just irritates them further and this too can lead to outbursts of aggression.
Hypnotherapy can help individuals to work out either consciously or subconsciously what the real issue is and what the resolution is. It can help individuals to become, calm, relaxed, focused, in control and happy. The best version of themselves that they can be.

Help for parents

We can provide support and help for parents to be able to communicate with their teens reducing any conflict. Have questions? Get in touch

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