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Healthy Mind. Healthy Body. Healthy Life.

Not just for women, but evolving from a passion to help women who have a shopping basket full of minor ailments that seem to creep up on them as they turn 40, and have a huge impact on their lives. These symptoms are often put down to early menopause, but can also be from many other hormone related issues such as under or overactive thyroid, diabetes, cholesterol related issues, inflammation and many more.

Many conditions have a generic label meaning that people are less aware of ‘metabolic’ issues. Metabolic mayhem is a term often applied to a collection of symptoms that doesn’t fit one or other of the usual labels. Symptoms such as: fatigue, foggy brain, brittle nails, dry skin, bloating, inflammation, achy muscles and joints, sweats, dizziness, unexplained nausea feelings, anxiety and depression and signs such as low/high hormone levels or imbalance, weight gain / loss, anaemia, high blood pressure.

Here at Greenacres Health, we provide you tools and all the support you need for better habits to health!

The Ultimate Mind and Body Connection

The Ultimate Mind and Body Connection is an entry level into our Healthy living midlife folk’s community. A free or low fee to join group that prompts and stimulates your inquisitiveness about your own health. Learn the basics about the topics we cover in the Forty-Fy Your Life Programme.  

Daily prompts, activities, stimulation to get you heading in the right direction.

Soulful Sundays – Usually a longer post with a learning topic to think about 

Motivational Mondays – Something challenging or vibrant to start your day 

Tuesday’s Tips – Food, Nutrition, Activity and Mindset hints 

Work Out Wednesdays – Work out the body and mind with activities, laughter and challenges. 

Thoughtful Thursdays – Cunundrums, peculiarities and riddles to challenge your mind. Pearls of nutritional wisdom or a possible recipe. 

Thank Flip It’s Friday – anything may happen! 

Saturday Takeaway – This is most likely a recipe for an alternative to a takeaway or it may be a giveaway or free advice. 

The Power of Three!

Your habits to health are supported in three ways

Join our Facebook Group

Free Facebook group with lots of help and support in your journey to better health through nutritional suggestions, mindset tips, recipes, menus and activity encouragement. 

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The Ultimate Mind and Body Connection  Programme

A 12-module subscription programme for specific areas on a more personal level. Tips and challenges to support you on your journey.

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The Ultimate Mind and Body Connection Graduates

Lifetime access to a private facebook group for graduates of the The Ultimate Mind and Body Connection Graduates .

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If you have questions about losing weight or maintaining your weight healthily, we'd love to hear from you.

Bridget has over 20 years’ experience in a primary healthcare setting. In her role as a chiropractor she says. “I have seen many patients who have to access several sources to get the umbrella help they deserve.” But always in the back of her mind she has been thinking ‘what if it could be in one place?’

“I don’t have a golden bullet” says Bridget, "but I have had a wide range of experience and knowledge through study and observation of my patients’ experiences."
"I am passionate that everyone lives long healthy lives but ​had to ​narrow the field to the over 40s."

Is it different to a diet club?

Whilst diet clubs work (often support stops once you stop paying or attending) many participants fall off the wagon and need to return again and again to get sustained results. What if a diet regime isn’t the sole answer? Is there is something even better? Finding the regime that suits you and being able to stick with it for good!

Eating normal healthy food and never feeling hungry or deprived of the cake you desire is a possibility!  ​My comprehensive programme takes you through all the steps you need in 6 carefully put together modules, but the work and benefits go on for years. We work together ​front end heavy over 12 weeks, setting the foundations for success and then you get a further 9 months of support. The benefits will go on for years and the skills you learn can be applied to other parts of your life too.
When you graduate you will remain in a Private Face Book group so you can help and support each other.

The programme follows a module format ​covering attitudes towards food and nutrition, activity, and guidance on changing your mindset leading to a healthy lifestyle.

What's the aim? From a nutritional and mindset perspective, to put not just years in your life, but also life in your years! 

I combine my skills amassed over years of experience and incorporate transformational solution focused mind techniques along with learning and explore your specific needs from a nutritional aspect. ​We will work in small groups 4 -8 max providing regular support, input and accountability.  ​If you don’t know me, and wonder what I am like, (currently free – but once you are in, you are in) join my over 40s group at:

The Ultimate Mind and Body Connection

Here you will get an idea of just ​How much detail I will be going into in the programme as there is loads of content and a ​merry group of like minded folk, that bolster each other along. 

Then when you are ready, taking the next step is easy. ​Join the 6 module programme to establish great life serving, healthy habits and fortify your life. Find out more by clicking the link below.


If you would like to explore if this programme is suitable for you, please give us a call on 01733 254239