Anger is often a default response to stress. I use characters to explain how different parts of the brain interact negatively to ensure our survival. The key character here is your ‘Hippo’. If you don’t know, the hippopotamus is well known for being aggressive and appears bad tempered. In our brain one of the Posse is the hippocampus and this area of the brain is responsible for learnt and often very unhelpful behaviour responses to events and stimuli. If what we did yesterday meant we survived then surely repeating it is no bad thing (big red buzzer- oh no!). Yet if we put our hand in fire then we know it will hurt and not to do it again but reacting by getting cross or angry with a younger sibling or throwing things around the house so they break gets us nowhere except into more trouble. It feeds our anger and aggression.

I can help you to break this cycle and learn to be a calmer, happier individual and to respond to others in a more beneficial way for YOU.

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Teenage overwhelm is linked to fear. Sometimes things just become too much and fear shuts us down. 

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Feeling sad

Feeling sad is a very natural thing in response to a sad event. Life happens and sad things happen.


Repetitive behaviours

When we start to develop repetitive behaviours that become intrusive this is called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and often these behaviours evolve from anxiety

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