Frequently Asked Questions

Some of questions we get asked about the chiropractic treatments offered at Greenacres Health.

What happens at your first appointment?

Part 1, online or by phone – There is a form to fill out, then a full case history is taken by asking you lots of questions first of all regarding previous illnesses, injuries, accidents and the health history of both you and other family members. Assuming that there is no information that you give which might indicate the need to visit your GP or local hospital you will then proceed to part 2.

Part 2, face to face in clinic – The Chiropractor, with your consent, undertakes a physical examination of you. You may need to partially undress for this and you will be advised in Part 1 how best to dress for your appointment. In some cases a gown will be provided for your comfort and modesty. The aim of the examination is to establish the cause of your complaint. During this process feel free to ask questions no matter how irrelevant or silly you may feel they are. The only silly question is one you don't ask.

Following the examination your Chiropractor, Bridget Bath, will explain to you what she has found. The treatment options will be explained to you with any relevant side effects that you might expect. At this point there will be a guide to the expected nature and estimated number of treatments you may require. You will be given a further opportunity to ask questions.

Assuming both you and your Chiropractor are happy at this point, and there is still time within the allotted appointment slot, you will then receive your first treatment.

It is likely that you will also be given some simple advice to follow at home, in the form of simple exercises, cryotherapy (ice) or other.

How long do appointments take?

The initial chiropractic consultation is currently offered in 2 parts due to changes in protocols brought about by COVID. Both will last between 50-60 minutes depending how complex your case is. 

The first online to fill out a form taking your details and case history. If it is appropriate, you may then progress to the second part being a face to face physical examination, an explanation as to how best to proceed and your first treatment if it is deemed safe to do so.

Subsequent chiropractic treatment sessions will on average last about 20 minutes, with a period left between to thoroughly clean the surfaces down and prepare for the next patient.

How many sessions will I need?

The number of session you will need will depend upon the severity and nature of your problem. Chronic problems (of longer than 12 week duration) often take longer than acute / subacute problems (less than 12 week duration). Also problems that are hindered by other ongoing and seemingly unrelated conditions may lengthen the number of sessions required. However current guidelines suggest that 6-8 sessions should see good symptomatic relief for most biomechanical problems. This does not necessarily mean 6-8 weeks as it is the intention of your Chiropractor to extend the period between sessions so that you are asymptomatic in this time.

What sort of treatments do you do?

Treatments are typically not just of one type or style and can include:

  • manual procedures, particularly spinal adjustments, other joint manipulation, joint mobilisation, soft-tissue and reflex techniques including Activator and SOT;
  • exercise, rehabilitative programmes and other forms of active care;
  • psychological and emotional aspects of patient management;
  • patient education on spinal health, posture, nutrition and other lifestyle modifications;
  • acute pain management procedures as indicated;
  • other supportive measures, which may include the use of back supports, orthotics, tape etc;
  • recognition of contraindications and risk management procedures, the limitations of chiropractic care, and of the need for protocols relating to referral to other health professionals

Are my details private?

Privacy is of paramount importance. Just as when you go to your General Practitioner, patient doctor confidentiality applies. Anything that is spoken about during a consultation is strictly confidential.  There are no exceptions to this rule unless you previously give your written consent for details of your case to be discussed with other pertinent individuals usual within the medical profession. 

Your personal details such as name, date of birth, address and contact details will be kept on file and may be used to contact you directly but will not be passed on to any third party for commercial reasons. Please see our privacy policy.

Will it Hurt?

The adjustments themselves should not hurt. However if you are already in pain there is an extra stretch applied which may mean you feel the additional pull. However if you have severe pain then only gentle techniques will be used. So the answer to this is no you should feel no or very little extra pain.

What are the possible side effects?

There are several depending on which level is being treated BUT they are minor and serious ones are VERY rare. The most common side effect is feeling a little like you have done an extra long session in the gym or garden. Sometimes you may feel tired but equally you may feel energised by treatment. These only last for a few hours after chiropractic treatment. More serious ones are less frequent than those experienced by taking prescribed pain killers from your GP and your chiropractor will talk you through these on your first visit. There are some that are specific to individual underlying disease processes so it is really important that you tell your chiropractor everything and discuss any concerns that you may have.

What are the clicks and pops?

Every joint in our body has a buffer in the form of a gas bubble that acts a bit like a shock absorber. During the days’ wear and tear these gas bubbles move around in the joint and sometimes get separated. When we stretch sometimes we hear these ‘clicks and pops’ similarly when you have a chiropractic adjustment, the joint is stretched and the gas bubble moves back together, a bit like the principle of thunder.

How do I get to see you?

There are several ways to make an appointment. You can click the link above which will take you to an automated diary system  If you are a new pateint you may need to call us in the first instance. You can e-mail us, make an enquiry via Face Book. Click here for our contact details.

Where is the clinic?

We are based in Glinton, right next door to Arthur Mellows Village College. You can find us on Google Maps.

Do you have any special offers?

We do occasionally run special offers and we do have a referral reward scheme. Please ask for more details