Focused on General Health

The mind and body are seamlessly linked. Great mental health encourages great physical health and vice-a-versa.

Unavoidable life events at work, home, within the family or friend settings can put a strain on our mental wellbeing. Stress, anxiety, grief and depression long term can in turn challenge our physical wellbeing and can lead to chronic conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes and many more...

What Lays Beneath

Having knowledge about yourself is important and can empower you to take control of your life. Being able to spot triggers and signs can help you change direction from one of a long path to poor health, to one of health and vitality. Improving your general health overall can help you to live happier and healthier, putting a better spring in your step for longer.

Are you ready to commit to real life change?

If you feel you need or know that you need some serious help to change your lifestyle to provide yourself with the self care you deserve then Forty-Fy Your Life could be for you. In this programme taming the Mind Mokeys is just one of the powerful subjects we cover in more depth. If you would like a call to learn more then please fill out the contact form here .

If you would like to expand on and learn more about how to improve your background health, why not join myself and a like-minded band of folk in our Facebook group?

 ​ The Ultimate Mind & Body Connection.
When was the last time your blood pressure was checked?
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Several of my patients have told me recently that GPs are asking them to acquire their own blood pressure machine and monitor their own readings. Whilst these machines are not expensive, and are certainly easy to use, this is another area where potentially people’s health and wellbeing can slip through the cracks. I am offering to anyone who comes to the clinic building for any of my services, a free blood pressure check at the time they are here. 

Check your health vitals at Greenaces Health

If you would like a mini health check this will also become available upon request with a modest fee payable and would include the following Blood pressure, height, weight waist, blood oxygenation levels measured. 

So, if you are on a diet and want to monitor your progress or just want to monitor your health this is for you. Your results you can record and then check against WHO and NICE guidelines. 

Why is it important to measure height, weight, waist.

Height and weight measurements are needed to calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI). This is an indicator of how much stress your body is under. Being too low or too high on the index for your height can put a strain on your body’s functioning, especially your heart. The ratio between your height and waist measurement give an indication of your likrlihood to develope diabtes and heart disease.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure can be a silent killer! The World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines state that if you have 3 or more consecutive readings of over 140/80 this constitutes high blood pressure, and you should seek medical help (not as an emergency but as a priority unless your vision is impaired, you pass out or have a headache that is off the scale this would constitute an urgent intervention). 

Usually if you have high blood pressure you will have signs and symptoms, most often a headache, blurred vision, just not feeling well, light-headedness, feeling faint/unwell and others. However, as I experienced in clinic only last week (at time of writing) a gentleman who’s reading was so high I was in 2 minds whether to call for assistance, but he had no current symptoms at all. He went straight home got his daughter, a nurse, to check his readings and she agreed. He contacted his GP who saw him that day and prescribed medications. GP’s comment “High blood pressure is a silent killer. Lucky it was caught.”

Blood Oxygen Levels

This reading gives you an indicator on how well your lungs and circulation are working together to provide essential oxygen to all parts of the body. Many of us don’t breathe properly, using only very shallow breaths to sustain us. Great oxygenation means that we are able to process things in our brain properly and quickly (cognitive ability/function). There has also been much talk of O2, oxygen concentration in the monitoring and treatment of COVID patients.

If your function is at capacity in health, you have a better base from which to fight illness. This is the case for all aspects of health.

The equipment I use

Measuring tape and scales. Sphygnamometer (Blood pressure cuff). Oxyometer (blood oxygen levels). skyla Hi blood cartridge processor. (I also use a small disposable lancet to prick your finger). You will see me wearing full PPE too, to protect both you and me.