Feeling Sadness

Feeling sad is a very natural thing in response to a sad event. Life happens and sad things happen. The death of a pet or a loved on. When sadness becomes our norm something is wrong. 

Depression often follows a period of stress or anxiety and can be because our brain doesn’t know how to switch back to happy. It can be that the chemical balance switch has forgotten to allow the happy hormone to flow meet another of the Possie ‘Hubble Bubble’ also known as the Hypothalamus. This area of the brain is responsible for the chemical balance of mind and body.

The usual pattern is that you get a bit anxious about something and those chemicals are released for a short period of time. This can’t be sustained and the chemical level drops and we become depressed and sad for a while, something else then happens and we release a few more anxiety chemicals. We bounce back up to being anxious and possibly aggressive too and we yo-yo between these for a while. 

If we don't take control of the depression and sadness this can easily convert to anger

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Sometimes however we just can’t shift this sad low feeling and we need a little help to find our mojo again. 

This is where I come in. 

I can help you to reassess the situation you are truly in and guide your brain with some ‘brain gym’ to reset and see things differently.

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