How can I help?

When we understand life's challenges at times, then we're in a better position to make improvements in our every day lives. 

Using a combination of techniques in relaxation, coping strategies and reprogramming 
I help you to make life happy again and make you feel more able to cope with what life has to throw at you. Some people can relate to facts, figures and data, and others prefer something a little more visual and relatable.

We have a few characters to help us understand what is going on in our minds and you can meet a few of our friends, click their name to find out more.

Meet the Characters

How does it work?

There are several ways you can work with me or I with you. Firstly though, you need to want to make those changes. 

There is no point starting the process if you expect me to do all the work, I can only help you to get going to where it is you want to be. Guiding and supporting you, but you are the one who will do all the work - whether you realise it or not. I'm just there to facilitate you to make those connections.

Initially we will meet and discuss what it is you want help with. I will listen and then explain to you how best I can help. I may use some of the characters above to help you understand what is going on at the moment, or I may use other ways of explaining what is pertinent to you. In this time you will be able to decide whether you think you would be able to work with me and I can assess whether I can help you. This will probably be a 1to1 session lasting an hour for which there may be a small charge. The first meeting is always best face to face but in some circumstances an internet meet up is possible.

1to1 Hypnotherapy sessions last approximately 1hour. We will recap some of the learning we found useful in our first meeting, go over what has been good since we last met and measure how that has improved since last time. You will also enjoy the relaxing state of trance when all the work you have done is cemented into new neural pathways (connections in your brain).  You will be given some easy things to do at home and we will book a follow up session.

Small group sessions, usually 1 hour but could be longer sessions. You would never be asked to speak or share in the group in any way unless you want to. No one is there to judge and you will all have very different reasons for being there. These might be done privately or through school or a club. You may like to organise with some friends to group together to learn some exam strategies, build your confidence or techniques for success. These sessions can be bespoke to the needs of you and your friends, team or club. This might also include a Vision Board session where we work on what you want to do, where you want to end up and most importantly what that would mean to you. This format can be great fun and you get to cut and paste and be generally creative in a guided but relaxed environment.

Still not sure if I can help you?

Why not have a look at the Useful Resources page, The Blog page here or at Forward Focus Hypontherapy or visit Face Book pages Forward Focused Hypnotherapy or Focused on Teens

Don't live near Glinton, Peterborough, UK? Contact me and we can explore the possibility of an internet consultation.

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