Hippo (Full name Hippo Camp Ass)

Hippopotami are renowned for one thing – a bad attitude! They are grumpy and so long as you leave them alone, they leave you alone. Hippo represents our Hippocampus. The member of Amy’s gang that is responsible for our learned behaviours. Amy has responded to a situation one way and Hippo takes his lead from her, so if she is behaving this way then it must be good and he does the same, backing her up. 

So next time a situation occurs Hippo steps in and says to Amy ‘don’t worry I have this’ and will then make us respond as we did last time and repeated behaviour patters develop. The more frequently this happens the more a pattern of behaviour is embedded and our responses can be come faster and more irrational, angry and aggressive because one element of the pathway is missed out, a corner is cut and we don't make the proper analysis of the situation.