Amy (Full name Amy G Dela)

Amy G is a bad assed street kid. The gang leader and trainer. What she says goes. She will as soon spit at you or fight with you, as look at you. She runs on aggression and adrenaline, as she knows no better and after all, that is what has kept her safe on the streets for all these years.

Amy represents the amygdala in our brain, the most influential part of our primitive mind that looks at everything in a negative and often aggressive way. It is the centre responsible for the Flight, Fight, Faint, Freeze and Fane response and is responsible for our self-preservation and survival. Back in the days of Sabre Toothed Tigers and Woolly Mammoths, this centre was always on the lookout for danger, assessing the situation and protecting us and stimulating us to take appropriate aggressive or defensive action. In modern times we don’t live with the same threats and Amy is a bit redundant, so instead she will anticipate and look for things to react to as if they were a Polar Bear or Sabre Toothed Tiger. She is also responsible for 'Ear Worms' repeated negative self talk. You know those things that you talk yourself into not doing or those negative I'm no good, I can't, and also those bits of tunes you just can't shake like 'I know a song that will get on your nerves'. Got it? ......I know you are singing that now.

We all need an Amy in our life to ward off proper danger but she does need taming sometimes and retraining herself. When she can't find one the appropriate Fs to respond with her behaviour is referenced back to Hippo and Hubble who cause feelings of overwhelmsadnessrepetitive behavioursworry, anxiety and lots of negative thinking... what if?