Helping busy midlife folk over 40 reclaim their vitality, energy levels and love for life! 

7 modules of intensive structured support and motivation to help you retrain your lifestyle and adjust your mindset for lasting health and wellbeing. Followed by permanent access to the graduates group on Facebook.

  • 7 powerful and informative modules
  • A regular food diary review to educate and help you eat in a way that is realistic and enjoyable for you, as well as complimenting your health
  • Weekly Q&As
  • A closed Facebook support group
  • Worksheets and activities to keep you accountable and progressing towards your goals

(*Weekly module release: Ask us anything and we will respond in Habits to Health facebook group)   

All you need to get long term improvement including:

  • Relaxation tracks
  • Re-education

You will learn how to:

  • How to tackle cravings and overeating lose cravings and the desire to overeat
  • Understand why you do what you do and how to change - retrain your brain into healthy habits
  • How to create a personalised meditation
  • Understand importance of using the right language
  • How stress impacts you. By controlling stress more effectively

Developed and run by Bridget Bath   
3 months, 1 goal... Your optimal health for life !

To help you reclaim your vitality, energy levels and love for life! 

This is a paid programme, please contact us for details

What you will learn over the 12-week programme

Week 1: LAUNCH PARTY What makes you Tick? 
Meet us & other group members + receive your pre-participation homework on what motivates you.   

Week 2: Nourish Your Body for True Health and Wellbeing  
Banish cravings, restore gut health, improve energy levels, and heal your body inside out.   

Week 3: Training Your Dragon  
Understand your brain and how to retrain it.   

Week 4: Cravings and Overeating 
No calorie counting. No gimmicks, restrictions, or guilt. Just real food. Love the food you eat.   

Week 5: Taming the Mind Chatter Monkeys 
Listening to your body’s signals. Harness language and self-talk. Learn some word swaps   
Week 6:  Optimise Digestion 
Key to long term health and wellbeing. Optimal absorption from lovely nutrients, banish bloating and annoying digestive, skin & energy issues. Transform your health and wellbeing. 

Week 7: Out with The Old, In with The New 
Habits, how they form and how to change them for the better    

Week 8: Targeted Nutrition 
Add all the nutrients to help your body thrive and support lifelong health and wellbeing.  Help you build a plan unique to you and your needs. Helping you get healthy and stay healthy.    

Week 9: The Weight of The World On You 
Good mental health and wellbeing. How stress impacts the body. Your brain’s perspective. 

Week10: Stress Management 
Relaxation, mindfulness, meditation. Supporting your mental and emotional health for lifelong results. From a nutritional perspective.   
Week 11: Movement / Activity 
Inspiration – Finding something you enjoy! Helping you get active with regular appropriate movement & activity & how to fit it in to support true health and healing.    
Week 12: Be Still Your Mind 
All things sleep 

BONUSES - 2 x SOS (60 min) 1:1s with Bridget to iron out any difficulties or to deep dive a sticking point. 
Ongoing membership of 
the Habits to Health Graduates FB group

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