Focused on Pain

Pain comes in many forms. Physical and emotional pain can sometimes be inextricably linked. Hypnotherapy for pain management can be very effective for physical, emotional and chronic pain.

When we understand that the brain is like the central processing unit of your computer and is responsible for both messages in and out, then we have the opportunity to start to control messages in both directions and break the pain cycle.

Pain can control all aspects of our lives and make us miserable.

Acute pain is something that is usually short lived and resolves over a period of a few weeks or months. Chronic pain  lasts for years and sometimes long after the initial injury has healed. The brain is where all messages of emotional and physical pain are received and it is also the centre where many of the answers can be found. Occasionally the pain messages miss the memo sent by the brain saying that all is well and to switch off. 

Sometimes, physical modalities  and pain killers just don’t, or can’t break the pain cycle. When, we understand how pain can become an unbroken circuit of messages, we can find a way to interrupt them and begin to take back control. Hypnotherapy for pain management can help you do this. Through firstly understanding the process, secondly learning a technique to help control your brain’s perception of the chronic pain  messages and lastly practice, it is possible to use hypnosis  to control and manage particularly long standing pain. This technique is drawn from self hypnosis for child birth

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If you have questions about how Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy or Sanomentology can help you, we'd love to hear from you.

Sanomentology / Mind mediation – Hypnotherapy’s Big Brother

Here at Greenacres Health we prefer to use the Rapid Pain Elimination Technique (RPET) derived from Sanomentology protocols. 

Sanomentology is a therapeutic method combining science, psychology, philosophy, hypnotherapy and other therapeutic processes. It works at a deeper level in your mind, a more connected level than many other therapy protocols. This deep connection enables easier, long lasting and faster results for you the client.​ 

No matter which talking therapy you chose we won’t need you to bare your soul or go on and on about how you feel – after all, we are all about Solutions and not the past. We help you get to the root of your problem, even if you don’t know what that is, on a conscious level. The link between the cause and your symptoms is removed and you become pain-free and gain clarity.

Using the power of your unconscious mind (often referred to as the subconscious) and mediate with your mind at this deeper level to create rapid results; safely and comfortably. You are relaxed, but will not necessarily be ‘under’ in a normal way you would expect with hypnotherapy. You are safe, calm and in control to create rapid results giving you clarity and freedom from what troubles your mind – be that stress, anxiety, depression… You can fill in the dots. 

Try Sanomentolgy for pain management.

You’ll be amazed at the responses your unconscious mind will come up with for your transition to a pain free happier life. This is referred to as Mind Mediation, not Hypnotherapy.

The Sanomentology process creates effective results rapidly.  Whilst training I came up with the term ‘The Big Brother to Hypnotherapy’ and this has stuck. Many practitioners have now adopted this term because it makes sense.  

If you have questions about how Solutions Focused Hypnotherapy or Sanomentology can help you, please get in touch .

Need immediate help with pain?

If you suffer from back pain , headachesjoint or muscular aches and stiffness then chiropractic may be the answer you are looking for instead of pain killers and anti-inflammatory treatments. 

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