Frequently Asked Questions

Some of questions we get asked about Hypnotherapy services for teens at Greenacres Health.

What is Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy has been around for centuries but in recent decades has changed format a little. It is a safe and relaxing way to create new ways of thinking and achieve problem solving whether that be in the classroom, at home or work place

Are you a hypnotist / illusionist

No! You will always be able to bring yourself back to consciousness, you will never lose complete control. If you need to move at any point, you will be able to. There are no smoke and mirrors in my office. Hypnotherapy is not for entertainment, it is designed to help individuals and small groups.

Brain Gym

This is the term I use to describe the work we do in sessions after the initial consultation. I push you to start thinking, using new neural connections known as synapses. In a way we are exercising the brain and retraining it to guide you to do things differently and better just like any other muscle .

What is trance

Trance is a heightened form of relaxation where all sections of your brain subconsciously come together to solve the problems that you face in your life. I am merely the facilitator of that process. The process will help you to create new connections called synapses in your brain, to help you change the way you do things for the better.

Can you help me ?

The answer is probably yes! Hypnotherapy is beneficial in most cases especially where stress, anxiety and depression are present.

OCD, nervous twitches, behaviour patterns that become prominent when you are stressed, anxious, angry, frustrated,  haveemotional outbursts, phobias and fear. If you are not sure then please ask. If you are under your GP or a mental health consultant, I will need to inform them of the intention of working with you, so that they can understand what I will be working on and for me to know if there is any reason why I shouldn’t

I am taking sertraline (serotonin) can you still help me?

Absolutely yes. This drug gives you a dose of serotonin, the happiness hormone, but if the receptors in the brain are not sensitive to attract it, then the drug will not be as effective as hoped and doses may need to be increased over a relatively short period of time. The brain’s receptors often become lazy when we are depressed, stressed or anxious and hypnotherapy will help to make those receptors more sensitive and ready to take up the medication, making it more effective. There are certain drugs that hypnotherapy is not suitable with and that would, in most cases, include antipsychotic drugs. If you are unsure then please ask.