Teenage Overwhelm

Teenage overwhelm is linked to fear. Sometimes things just become too much and fear shuts us down. We start to behave in ways we wouldn’t normally and things just become too much for us; become overwhelmed and shut down. We stop interacting in an attempt to protect ourselves from anything else that life has to throw at us in anticipation that we won’t be able to cope with it.

For adolescents, overwhelm can lead to stress and anxiety. In addition, these feelings can be magnified and intense during the teen years. The adolescent brain is still under construction and the malleability of this developmental stage can increase feelings of stress. Hence, teens need skills to manage when overwhelmed.

Homework. Sports. Hanging out with friends. Part-time jobs. Other commitments. Teens have a ton to do. Many are focused on racking up experiences for their post-high school plans. But as they build up their resume for adult life, there is one skill experts say they are missing -- knowing how to relax.

I can help you to make proper decisions based on the facts so you can cope better with the unexpected.

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