Focused on self-care

Hypnotherapy for self care is not just for those who are already suffering mentally. It can actually enhance an already ok life. 

Sessions focused on self care help you to recognise and ensure that you make enough room in your life for YOU to excel in whatever make you tick. There is always an area of our lives that could be improved; saying ‘No’, protecting personal space, confidence, being able to switch off and many more.

A hypnotherapy session ad hoc, to top up after sessions previously or just for the joy of the relaxation you experience is never to be sneezed at. 

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Optimise your week Calming the Mind Monkeys

Ear Worms, Self-talk and powerful words (things to avoid when you set resolutions)

The primitive part of our mind has certain built-in filters that either permit or prevent information from getting in and influencing us. ‘What ifs’, the mind really doesn’t like its missing pieces. Just like when we get a bar of a song stuck in our heads that goes on and on all day to a point of irritation. The brain doesn’t like the partial information and sets the process going on repeat until it finds a conclusion. So, if you are thinking a negative ‘What if’ you will be quite stressed anxious or even depressed by the end of the day .

The same may be said of events that happen in life. Events that remain incomplete get locked in and repeated time and again making the smallest of mole hills feel like mount Everest. This in turn leads to anxiety, self-sabotage, fear and low self-esteem all locked in by that perpetual self-talk running in the background ‘trying’ to find the missing piece .

Amongst the words in our self-talk that should be avoided are many culprits that contribute to these negative thoughts. ‘I can’t’, ‘What if’, ‘I’ll try’, ‘if’, ‘just’, ‘but’ and ‘why’ are just a few. The more times you tell yourself you can’t, then you won’t! Your brain believes you. What if, is usually followed by a negative because that is seen to be safer by the amygdala (part of the primitive mind), ‘I’ll try to’ usually ends with, ‘but I failed’. Just, makes something seem insignificant and unimportant. But, is usually followed by an excuse as to why not and the why can amplify the problem you are attempting to solve and ensures you get stuck.

Change your language, change your life!

So, it is really important to check your self-talk and ensure you are not setting yourself up to fail. If you would like to have a free PDF of some simple phrase or word swaps please use the contact us button and type ‘Chatter Monkeys’ in the text box to receive some language hacks that you can use this week and going forward to improve your mind chatter 

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Self-care sessions

The old cliché you cannot pour from an empty cup starts here with a refill. On your own or grab a small group of friends or family, kick your shoes off, relax back in a comfy chair and drift off into a dreamlike state.

This is a time to practice a bit of self-care mid-week perhaps. Clear your mind and recharge with a positive outlook so you can enjoy and optimise your week, then slide into the weekend with ease.

Who are the sessions for? Aimed at those with a busy schedule and who need to take some time (for themselves) to recharge. Use this space to offload and dump any stress that has built up, so you can clear your chattering mind and make space for productive thinking.

Currently this is offered on-line but small group sessions face to face may be possible. 

Who can the relaxation sessions help?

  • Anyone from age 15 up-wards.
  • Busy parents running around after kids.
  • Teenagers stressed doing GCSEs or A levels.
  • Teenagers who are overwhelmed by a significant life change.
  • Business owners who take on too much.
  • Professionals who don’t make time for themselves.
  • Those who suffer with chronic pain – physical or emotional.
  • People whose lifestyles are so hectic they don’t have time to stop for five minutes!

What is covered you can chose the topic or theme for your group?

  • Importance of good mental health
  • Importance of good posture
  • Tips on self-care
  • The importance of positive thought
  • Eliminate negative self-talk
  • Make space for positive thinking
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Helpful tricks to ensure you succeed
  • … and more!
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Other support we offer

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