Hypnotherapy in schools

Are you a teacher or school representative? Want to know what I can offer? Are you a small group? Interested in work shops / talks?
Need a different approach? Need support in your career? Need new skills for your class?
If you are aware of stress and anxiety in your day then I am able to help you. It may be that you yourself need some support and tools to help you through some tough times in or out of work. It may be that your team are struggling and need some emotional support. The bottom line is stress. Stress leads slowly into anxiety which if not dealt with can become full blown depression and then lead to other more concerning mental health issues or trigger old unwanted behaviour patterns. The classroom can be an incubator for this. 

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Who I help

For Pupils

  • Individuals
  • Small groups
  • Assemblies

F​or Teachers

  • Individuals
  • Work groups
  • Staff meetings

What I offer

Small Group sessions

  • Generalised Relaxation sessions
  • Overview of how the brain works
  • Creative guided sessions to help establish what drives the individual and why


  • Starting with a reduced rate session (allow an hour but not always needed).
  • Exploring whether you can work with me and if I can help you.
  • Then after, weekly sessions to begin with, lasting 1hour and usually 6 -12 sessions depending on how deep rooted your problem is and how quickly you respond.
  • In specific circumstances one extended session is all that is needed or a set of 3 or 4 but this would be decided in the 1st session.
  • In depth how the brain works and how it is affecting the individual
  • Guidance on how to improve things
  • Individual centred, guided relaxation (Trance)

Who am I?

Experience include s
Chiropractor working in the community for 20 years, Qualified Solution Focused Hypnotherapist 6 years, Mum of a Teen (feels like a lifetime), I once was a teen, I studied as a mature student at Uni and learning is ongoing, so study skills are not that rusty, had to think outside the box when guiding dyslexic learning.

Enhanced DBS

Focused on Teachers

Need a different approach? Need support in your career? Need new skills for your class? 

Poorly behaved pupils may undermine your confidence and then eat into your enjoyment of work. Hypnotherapy sessions can help you to regain your confidence and take control of your environment (well at least the bit you do actually have control of – YOU). Often when we are in this type of situation, we react rather than respond and if you find yourself doing this then this is a sign that you could do with some support.

Using hypnotherapy techniques and other Solution Focused tools I can help you regain your confidence and self-esteem. 

Focused on Staff

Teams are often affected by other member’s emotional wellbeing. If the individuals are not willing to take action or you feel that your team has been affected by a situation in school or involving school, then a reframing session in a group or one to one might be in order. 

I can provide sessions in small groups as required in school, or off premises. 

Focused on Pupils

Pupils can often suffer with anxiety which can lead to poor performance and interaction with staff and their peers. I have worked with many Teens to overcome anxiety which has arisen from poor social interactions impacting their performance in class. 

I have also worked with budding athletes to help them achieve their full potential and represent both school, club and country, but more importantly themselves, in their chosen athletic field. 

Focused on the Class (Groups)

Working in a classroom setting with supervision from a member of staff with pupils aged 11 and upwards.

Often understanding how their brains work, helps Teens to navigate the multitude of changes that are going on within themselves and their peers. 

Small groups or teams can be catered for, or a whole class of around 30. 

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If you have questions about how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help in schools, we'd love to hear from you.