Focus on Nutrition

We are what we eat!

Nutrition is vastly underestimated in its contribution to our general health and wellbeing. Often during the formation of gathering, part of your journey with us, gaps become evident in either nutrition itself or nutrition habits and practices. This is why, Greenacres Health is happy to recommend other professionals in the filed of nutrition. 

Do you want to tackle poor health and wellbeing naturally through diet and lifestyle? Maybe you've tried every 'diet' out there, and just want to feel better and learn what works for YOU.

  • No calorie counting, no gimmicks, no restriction, no guilt
  • Just real food!

If you are out of love with food and want to eat the right way for YOU and your body’s needs, then a nutritionist is for you. You will reconnect with food in a healthy way and start living a life you love. Loving the food you eat and the life you live.

We'll help you understand what to do and why, for REAL and LASTING results. 

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"My main aim is to help clients improve their quality of life, safeguard their future from illness, and feel better about themselves so they can live healthy, happy, successful and fulfilled lives." 

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Forty-fy your life

If you are in your mid-life (40+), experiencing niggly health issues and reducing energy, take a look at Forty-fy your life and put the life back in your years’. 

My name is Julie Hodgson and I'm a Personalised Nutrition, Health & Wellbeing Coach.

I began my early working life as an Allied Health Professional looking after patients in the operating theatre, undergoing surgical procedures, working in Accident & Emergency and Intensive Care.

What I witnessed during this time, is that for a large majority of the patients who have to undergo invasive medical procedures, suffer from chronic ill health, or have their life cut short, it could have been prevented.

It’s heartbreaking seeing the consequences of poor diet and lifestyle, and the needless suffering that could be avoided through the right information and support.

For example, As well as preventing CVD, type 2 diabetes and cancer, improving an individual's metabolic flexibility through nutrition and lifestyle, can offset degenerative conditions such as arthritis, autoimmunity, osteoporosis and Alzheimer's disease.

I have worked in both the NHS and my own private practice since I retrained and studied both degree and postgraduate level in nutrition, and I have helped hundreds of clients and patients improve their health to avoid this unnecessary suffering.

Through supporting clients to make small measurable changes I have helped clients reduce pain and discomfort, reduce markers of ill-health, improve their energy levels, lose weight, prevent illness and improve mental health.

We combine our skill sets and incorporate transformational solution focused mind techniques along with learning and explore your specific needs from a nutritional aspect. We work in small groups 4 -8max providing regular support, input and accountability.  If you don’t know us and wonder what we are like, join our (currently free – but once you are in you are in) lady’s group at: The Flourish Academy - Nutrition, Mindset and Lifestyle for Women over 40 | Facebook. Here you will get an idea of just how much detail we would be going into on our programme as there is loads of content and a merry group of ladies that bolster each other along. 

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