Why is my chiropractic consultation in two sessions?

Your first chiropractic consultation with me will be split in to two sessions. Why? On a practical level nearly 2 hours can be tiring for both you and me.

More importantly, if the first part throws up an issue that means Chiropractic is not suitable for you, then it has saved you both a journey, and time in your day.


Part One – A Full Case History (Online – Duration approx. 40 mins)

Often the key to getting it right, lays in your case history. This means not just the history of what has caused you pain and to seek help, but also your general health, working history and what activities you participate in regularly. For example, are you regularly used as a climbing frame by children, yours, those you work with or grandchildren?

Sometimes it can mean going back as far as your childhood, as it may be that you badly broke a bone that has meant you didn’t develop correctly.

I will also take a history of your family back to grandparents because sometimes there are patterns in your family health issues that could impact on yours and give some clues as to what might be going on with you.

Towards the end of this as a fail safe I run through a general health triage, just to make sure we haven’t missed anything.

Time allowing, if we come across anything that I can suggest taking immediate action on I will do. This might include your desk set up, your sleeping posture, how best to use heat or ice and anything you can do to help yourself.

It may be that something is thrown up that requires investigation first by another healthcare professional before you attend for a full assessment. In this case we will delay part two and either send you off to make further enquiries or write a referral letter for you.

Part Two The Chiropractic Consultation (Face to face – Duration approx. 1hr)

For this it is always best to wear loose fitting clothes. Short sleeved and baggy t-shirt or vest shirt and shorts or trousers that are stretchy and easy to roll up.

  • We start by looking at your posture

How you stand from your feet all the way up to how you hold your head. This givea us clues as to what the source of your pain is, not just form historical long-term habits but newly adopted postures. Whether you lean towards or away from your pain or if weight bearing is impossible for example.

  • Neurological and Orthopaedic Assessment

This delves a little deeper into how your body is coping with your pain and how it is impacting your movement and nervous system. Depending on which part of your body is involved you may be asked to do some ‘funny’ walks or pull some faces. We will certainly test your strength, sensation and reflexes.

Some of these tests seem a little strange but they all contribute to a picture of how your issue is impacting you and how I can help. These all give me clues as to what is involved and whether or not it is safe to treat you. I will also take your blood pressure.

As we go along, I will make notes which paint a picture that I will interpret and sit you down at the end and explain (a Report of Findings).

  • The Report of Findings

Having a picture of how your body is responding to the tests, gives me hints as to the extent and severity of your issue. I will compile this evidence and decide whether or not we need to get further tests done outside of my office first. If so, I will tell you where and how to get these done. (See below referrals).

Assuming you are a suitable candidate for chiropractic I will tell you what I have found, how this ties in with your case history, what treatment might be appropriate and seek your consent to proceed. I will also give you suggestions of how to avoid and protect yourself from further injury and how to help yourself between sessions.

I will explain what the treatment will look like, feel like and any side affects you might experience. I will also, when appropriate make you aware of any risks and put them into a format that makes sense to you.

Chiropractic is a process. It is very rarely a one-off intervention. The issue you bring after all most likely has been lurking in your life for quite a while whether you realise it or not.

Once this is complete and you are happy you will be asked to sign a consent form and relevant GDPR forms to give me appropriate permissions to use and store your data.

  • Your First Adjustment

An adjustment is what the movements we apply to your body that create the ‘clicks’ and ‘pops’ associated with chiropractic. Don’t worry these noises are just gasses moving around inside your joints, they don’t hurt but can be loud and come as a surprise. They don’t always happen. Don’t be concerned as it is the stretch that is applied across the joint that is therapeutic, NOT the noise.

Traditional adjustments may not appropriate in your particular case. If this is so, I will explain why and what we can do instead. This may involve using sports tape or a little gun like instrument called an activator which has a variable spring that can be tensioned according to what is required by the joint in question and your needs.

  • Referrals

Occasionally we need to send you off for tests because we have discovered something that requires further investigation.  Don’t be alarmed if this is the case. Often times this is me being super cautious to ensure you get safe and appropriate treatment not just from me but from whoever I refer you to.

I may refer you back to your GP for tests like blood drawing, blood pressure monitoring, medication assessment, x-ray, or referral forwards for an MRI.

Unless it is a simple and very obvious need, I will compose a letter for you to take to the appropriate person or send it directly myself. In this case you will need to sign a release of records form.

There are private options available which are generally quicker than the NHS but will cost you and you will most likely need to organise them yourself.

  • Follow Up Appointments (approx.20mins).

The regularity of your follow up appointments will depend upon you and your issue. There is no one pattern fits all. Having said that, guidelines suggest that you should experience good symptomatic relief within 6 – 8 treatments.

Initially those sessions will be quite close together but over time should space out further.

  • Maintenance

Chiropractic can be regarded as a sticking plaster – ‘treat me till I feel better, and I will book when I need to’ type approach.

However, with chronic issues or where your work creates issues or postures that you cannot avoid and that aggravate you timely treatment intervention may well keep flare ups at bay. This is regarded as maintenance care and you might think of these as a ‘tune up’, ‘a body MOT’ or a regular event to keep you in tip top condition. In this event we will work towards a period between whereby you remain pain free and mobile without slipping back into old problems.


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