Why is my chiropractic consultation in two sessions?


Your first chiropractic consultation with me will be split in to two sessions. Why? On a practical level nearly 2 hours can be tiring for both you and me.

More importantly, if the first part throws up an issue Read more

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Preventative posture tips for a pain free life!

We’ve all heard the saying, prevention is better than the cure… Follow these preventative posture tips to improve your chance of reducing your risk of injury, or those niggling aches!

Whether travelling, undertaking DIY projects, gardening or just lazing Read more

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Top 5 tips to manage aches and pains

woman holding her back with aches

I was asked recently if I had any hints and tips to manage aches and pains that don’t involve painkillers. Simple actions you can take to help your body stay active and repair itself quickly

These are my top Read more

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Headaches and Migraine

woman with head in her hands with headache

There are many causes of headaches and migraine and unravelling all the contributing factors can be a pain in itself.

Stress is a simple one to identify but not necessarily easy to overcome. The stress could be Read more

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Good posture tips to prevent pain at home


Whether travelling, undertaking DIY projects, gardening or just relaxing at home, there are some great posture tips to prevent pain when gardening, relaxing or doing DIY to help avoid problems with your back and posture.

#1 In the garden

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Chiropractic and Wellbeing – what does it mean?


A little on the fringe of what I do but as part of the philosophy of good health, is a foundation stone of Chiropractic. Wellbeing is a catch-all term that encompasses, attitude, thought processes, mindfulness, exercise, habits, diet and Read more

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Greenacres celebrating several milestones

Celebration cake and party hats

2022 sees Greenacres celebrating a number of key milestones. The story begins when Bridget moved to Glinton from Wales in 2010 and much has changed since. Settling into married life, stabilizing a then 7yr old into school, converting the Read more

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Chiropractic was life changing for me!

Bridget sitting at desk with a consultation form

I had my very first interaction with Chiropractic was 22+ years ago. Having suffered from regular headaches which appeared to be migrainous for over 7 years and they were getting worse. Lasting 2-3 days every 4-6 weeks, where I Read more

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Facts about Pain in the Back

Many of us will have suffered from back pain at some point in our lives. It can be very debilitating and affect you daily. Read more
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‘Should I use hot or cold therapy?’

heat pack on shoulder

By rule of thumb always use cold therapy on achy joints – unless you are sure what is injured or have had professional advice. If you have back or neck pain which is achy, nagging or dull, then it Read more

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