Walking Barefoot


‘Earthing’ or ‘grounding’, is the act of walking barefoot on soil, grass, or sand, in nature, for approximately 30 minutes every day. When was the last time walked barefoot for a period to gain the positive benefits it can Read more

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How the weather affects our mental health


We are in many ways lucky to have 4 varied seasons here in the UK. It is easy to say ‘enjoy the weather’ when the sky is blue and the sun is out, but what about our wonderfully varied Read more

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Firstly, what is Hypnosis?


The exact definition of this state of mind is up for discussion. Hypnosis is not always a trance or sleep state, contrary to what many think, even though a person under hypnosis may appear to be sleeping. It is Read more

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The Benefits of Positive Quotes and Affirmations

image of wise words in text

Affirmations are thoughts that encourage support and calm the brain and body. They are constructed of positive statements that challenge negative and depressive thoughts and beliefs that make us anxious. They are also supportive of positive thoughts that Read more

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