Top 5 tips to manage aches and pains

woman holding her back with aches

I was asked recently if I had any hints and tips to manage aches and pains that don’t involve painkillers. Simple actions you can take to help your body stay active and repair itself quickly

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Good self-talk to instill resilience in your Teen

resilience - blackboard with if you stumble written on it

It is important to good self-talk to instill resilience in your teen. The teen years are full of challenging experiences and changes and it is easy to become anxious or overwhelmed with feelings and succumb to nerves. Mantras are Read more

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The key to managing your to-do list


We’ve all experienced it, the ever-increasing to-do list… You know, it’s that thing you get anxious over. The thing that is niggling you but you just have to get x, y and z done first and you never seem Read more

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Why is laughter good for you?


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine”. There are many benefits to laughing though some are more obvious than others.

Usually we associate laughter as an involuntary fast response to something that makes us happy, but Read more

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Decluttering to refocus your mind

reminder note for decluttering

Decluttering is a great way to refocus your mind – clearing out and rearranging has a great effect on lifting the spirits and raising energy.

Clear out your cupboards

Everyone has that one drawer or cupboard that becomes a Read more

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Walking Barefoot


‘Earthing’ or ‘grounding’, is the act of walking barefoot on soil, grass, or sand, in nature, for approximately 30 minutes every day. When was the last time walked barefoot for a period to gain the positive benefits it can Read more

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Dressing to Impress and it’s importance


Do you ever think why dressing to impress is important? This can be especially true when working from home. Today, more people have been put in a position where working from home has now become the norm.

Have you Read more

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How the weather affects our mental health


We are in many ways lucky to have 4 varied seasons here in the UK. It is easy to say ‘enjoy the weather’ when the sky is blue and the sun is out, but what about our wonderfully varied Read more

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Exam stress… now they’re finished, what happens?


At some point in our lives, we all have to go through exam stress and exams. Whether taking them in your younger years or as a mature student, many of us have negative feelings toward them. Believing we will Read more

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Firstly, what is Hypnosis?


The exact definition of this state of mind is up for discussion. Hypnosis is not always a trance or sleep state, contrary to what many think, even though a person under hypnosis may appear to be sleeping. It is Read more

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