Preventative posture tips for a pain free life!

We’ve all heard the saying, prevention is better than the cure… Follow these preventative posture tips to improve your chance of reducing your risk of injury, or those niggling aches!

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Positive Health Benefits of Gardening


Getting out into the garden can mean hard physical work at times, but the benefits and positive health implications of gardening are many. Though not always obvious at first glance, gardening is said to be good for the soul!

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Facts about Pain in the Back

Many of us will have suffered from back pain at some point in our lives. It can be very debilitating and affect you daily. Read more
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‘Should I use hot or cold therapy?’

heat pack on shoulder

By rule of thumb always use cold therapy on achy joints – unless you are sure what is injured or have had professional advice. If you have back or neck pain which is achy, nagging or dull, then it Read more

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