Good self-talk to instill resilience in your Teen

resilience - blackboard with if you stumble written on it

It is important to good self-talk to instill resilience in your teen. The teen years are full of challenging experiences and changes and it is easy to become anxious or overwhelmed with feelings and succumb to nerves. Mantras are Read more

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Benefits of Giving – The Theory of Karma


There are many benefits of giving, we can gain great rewards from sourcing and choosing a gift for someone. It doesn’t matter if you give a gift of money, donate things, volunteer or provide assistance to someone, the benefits Read more

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The Benefits of Positive Quotes and Affirmations

image of wise words in text

Affirmations are thoughts that encourage support and calm the brain and body. They are constructed of positive statements that challenge negative and depressive thoughts and beliefs that make us anxious. They are also supportive of positive thoughts that Read more

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