Why is my chiropractic consultation in two sessions?


Your first chiropractic consultation with me will be split in to two sessions. Why? On a practical level nearly 2 hours can be tiring for both you and me.

More importantly, if the first part throws up an issue Read more

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How to Heal Naturally – Holiday Edition Summit

Woman in a robe looking out at beautiful scenery

Last week I did something brave and exciting in equal measure. I was interviewed for an International Health Summit! Organised by Chef Gailyn Gagliardi, CEO Holistic Global Institute/Certified Holistic Nutritionist.

This is her message…

Hello! Happy Holidays! We have Read more

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Benefit of Walking – Making It Count


Walking for 20 minutes with no baggage is a great all-round exercise to do. Forget the number of steps per day. As I type, there is evidence evolving that indicates 10,000 steps is unrealistic and un-necessary daily. It may Read more

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Preventative posture tips for a pain free life!

We’ve all heard the saying, prevention is better than the cure… Follow these preventative posture tips to improve your chance of reducing your risk of injury, or those niggling aches!

Whether travelling, undertaking DIY projects, gardening or just lazing Read more

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Top 5 tips to manage aches and pains

woman holding her back with aches

I was asked recently if I had any hints and tips to manage aches and pains that don’t involve painkillers. Simple actions you can take to help your body stay active and repair itself quickly

These are my top Read more

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Good self-talk to instill resilience in your Teen

resilience - blackboard with if you stumble written on it

It is important to good self-talk to instill resilience in your teen. The teen years are full of challenging experiences and changes and it is easy to become anxious or overwhelmed with feelings and succumb to nerves. Mantras are Read more

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The key to managing your to-do list


We’ve all experienced it, the ever-increasing to-do list… You know, it’s that thing you get anxious over. The thing that is niggling you but you just have to get x, y and z done first and you never seem Read more

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Why is laughter good for you?


We’ve all heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine”. There are many benefits to laughing though some are more obvious than others.

Usually we associate laughter as an involuntary fast response to something that makes us happy, but Read more

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Headaches and Migraine

woman with head in her hands with headache

There are many causes of headaches and migraine and unravelling all the contributing factors can be a pain in itself.

Stress is a simple one to identify but not necessarily easy to overcome. The stress could be Read more

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Decluttering to refocus your mind

reminder note for decluttering

Decluttering is a great way to refocus your mind – clearing out and rearranging has a great effect on lifting the spirits and raising energy.

Clear out your cupboards

Everyone has that one drawer or cupboard that becomes a Read more

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